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Together with Martin Jordan, whom I have worked with a couple of times on bringing branding and service design together, I wrote a book chapter on how to deliver on brand values through service interactions called „Corporate Service Design – from Image to experience“. First time that I really got published. Not just online, but in a real book. And a rather nice one, I have to say.
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The idea behind Corporate Service Design is rather simple. The concept of corporate identity consists of three pillars: corporate design, corporate communication and corporate behavior. While the first two are well established and commonly practiced, corporate behavior is hardly deliberately designed. It mostly happens on a „one-to-many“ level, think in terms of the behavior of a CEO in the media (e.g. Josef Ackermann and the victory sign or the adventures of Richard Branson), or the way a company „acts“ like through a corporate CSR program..

But there is also a human-to-human level of behavior, e.g. through sales and service representatives, and a service/interface/machine-to-human level, just think of an ATM or the online shop of a company. These levels of interaction affect people and their relationship with a company much more directly and immediately. With the tools and processes of contemporary service design, it is now possible to design these kind of interactions deliberately and purposefully. If you then additionally consider the brand perspective and integrate the brand’s expressions and values into these interactions (both human-to-human and service-to-human), you have the power to deliver on the brand by means of corporate behavior – thus bringing this third pillar up to a level where it finally becomes useful and actionable for companies. In the book chapter we propose a process on how to achieve this in practical terms.

So we are really proud to have these thoughts published in a compendium on corporate identity and corporate design, together with well-known people like Erik Spiekermann, Ruedi Baur, Thomas Manss or Claus Koch. Unfortunately, it is only available in German. The book was edited by Professor Matthias Beyrow, Petra Kiedaisch and Norbert Daldrop. Matthias Beyrow and Constanze Vogt designed this really lovely book, just have a look at the pictures!

The book can be found on Amazon here.

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