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Tog­e­ther with Mar­tin Jor­dan, whom I have worked with a coup­le of times on brin­ging bran­ding and ser­vice design tog­e­ther, I wro­te a book chap­ter on how to deli­ver on brand values through ser­vice inter­ac­tions cal­led “Cor­po­ra­te Ser­vice Design - from Image to expe­ri­ence”. First time that I real­ly got published. Not just online, but in a real book. And a rather nice one, I have to say.
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The idea behind Cor­po­ra­te Ser­vice Design is rather simp­le. The con­cept of cor­po­ra­te iden­ti­ty con­sists of three pil­lars: cor­po­ra­te design, cor­po­ra­te com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on and cor­po­ra­te beha­vi­or. While the first two are well estab­lished and com­mon­ly prac­ticed, cor­po­ra­te beha­vi­or is hard­ly deli­ber­ate­ly desi­gned. It most­ly hap­pens on a „one-to-many“ level, think in terms of the beha­vi­or of a CEO in the media (e.g. Josef Acker­mann and the vic­to­ry sign or the adven­tures of Richard Bran­son), or the way a com­pa­ny „acts“ like through a cor­po­ra­te CSR pro­gram..

But the­re is also a human-to-human level of beha­vi­or, e.g. through sales and ser­vice rep­re­sen­ta­ti­ves, and a ser­vice­/in­ter­face/­ma­chi­ne-to-human level, just think of an ATM or the online shop of a com­pa­ny. The­se levels of inter­ac­tion affect people and their rela­ti­ons­hip with a com­pa­ny much more direc­t­ly and imme­dia­te­ly. With the tools and pro­ces­ses of con­tem­pora­ry ser­vice design, it is now pos­si­ble to design the­se kind of inter­ac­tions deli­ber­ate­ly and pur­po­se­ful­ly. If you then addi­tio­nal­ly con­si­der the brand per­spec­tive and inte­gra­te the brand’s expres­si­ons and values into the­se inter­ac­tions (both human-to-human and ser­vice-to-human), you have the power to deli­ver on the brand by means of cor­po­ra­te beha­vi­or – thus brin­ging this third pil­lar up to a level whe­re it final­ly beco­mes use­ful and action­ab­le for com­pa­nies. In the book chap­ter we pro­po­se a pro­cess on how to achie­ve this in prac­ti­cal terms.

So we are real­ly proud to have the­se thoughts published in a com­pen­di­um on cor­po­ra­te iden­ti­ty and cor­po­ra­te design, tog­e­ther with well-known people like Erik Spie­ker­mann, Rue­di Baur, Tho­mas Manss or Claus Koch. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, it is only avail­ab­le in Ger­man. The book was edi­ted by Pro­fes­sor Mat­thi­as Bey­row, Petra Kie­da­isch and Nor­bert Dal­d­rop. Mat­thi­as Bey­row and Con­stan­ze Vogt desi­gned this real­ly lovely book, just have a look at the pic­tures!

The book can be found on Ama­zon here.

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