Published: Corporate Service Design

Together with Martin Jordan, whom I have worked with a couple of times on bringing branding and service design together, I wrote a book chapter on how to deliver on brand values through service interactions called „Corporate Service Design – from Image to experience“. First time that I really got published. Not just online, but in a real book. And a rather nice one, I have to say.
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Knowing is power

All consumption-related actions are about making choices – choosing the shampoo that best suits your desired hair style, using the pad instead of the TV set to watch a movie, deciding to go to the company store for further information rather than consult the website. Knowing how humans make these decision and what factors influence them is extremely valuable for marketers. Weiterlesen

A smarter bill can help suppliers to bind customers

The monthly bill is usually the only thing you see from your electricity supplier after signing up. Power2Switch, a Chicago, USA, based company that helps people to compare electricity suppliers and tariffs on their website, has now made a step towards excellence in brand user experience on this important touchpoint. The commission-by-contract based service redesigned the electricity bill for more clarity and usefulness. Weiterlesen

UX beyond the screen

A few days ago I stumbled across a very interesting article on Fastcompany. It was about someone complaining about the improper behavior of a co-worker. The author compares the behavior of this co-worker to the bad UI/UX design of a smartphone! I found this a very good example for illustrating what UI or UX means in terms of the non-digital encounters with people, products, services and the like. Using the the misbehaving co-worker from the article, I’d like to highlight some principles of good UX beyond the screen. Weiterlesen