An excel­lent initia­ti­ve for the han­di­cap­ped

Today I’d like to wri­te about an initia­ti­ve that recent­ly came to my atten­ti­on and that I real­ly love. It’s not about busi­ness, but about buil­ding a bet­ter socie­ty. Of cour­se it also pro­vi­des cle­ver Brand UX through one of its main touch­points.

Rock’n’Rolli (trans­la­ted appro­xi­mate­ly to Rock’n’Wheelie) is a series of par­ties cate­ring to people with and wit­hout han­di­cap (blind, deaf, having mobi­li­ty pro­blems etc.). I am sure the­re are many of the­se nobel events out the­re, but this one does things qui­te dif­fer­ent­ly. Dis­tin­guis­hing points are cool­ness, inclu­si­on and cate­ring to tar­get group needs. And the­se things mani­fest them­sel­ves through their fly­ers.

Rock’n’Rolli takes place in one of the hip­pest clubs in Ber­lin, at Kater Hol­zig. It doe­s­n’t take place on some week­day after­noon, like many simi­lar events, but on Satur­day night. Well, it starts ear­ly, (5pm), but the par­ty con­ti­nues past 11pm, the time when the club opens on regu­lar nights. This is when the real mix of han­di­cap­ped and non-han­di­cap­ped takes place. Accord­ing to Anni­na Zama­ni, the woman behind Rock’n’Rolli, the reac­tions of the regu­lars about the sur­pri­sin­gly dif­fe­rent audi­ence is extre­me­ly posi­ti­ve. The initia­ti­ve brings han­di­cap­ped and non han­di­cap­ped tog­e­ther in a set­ting whe­re music and dance are the cen­tral topic, in other words - the focus is on inclu­si­ve, rather than exclu­si­ve.

The event caters very care­ful­ly to the needs of the two dif­fe­rent tar­get groups. The regu­lars are attrac­ted by the venue and the line up, whe­re­as addi­tio­nal needs of the han­di­cap­ped are addres­sed by pro­vi­ding help through assi­stants for the blind or sign lan­guage inter­pre­ters for the deaf. The­re is a “flirt sta­ti­on” for all par­ti­ci­pants, and tho­se who want to expe­ri­ence life with a han­di­cap, can try a wheel­chair or spe­cial hea­ring pro­tec­tion to simu­la­te deaf­ness at the booth “han­di­cap to go”.

The cen­tral com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on ele­ment is a fly­er. It dis­plays a very cool, for the club­bing sce­ne above-stan­dard design (unli­ke usu­al events for han­di­cap­ped) for the regu­lar club­bers, but it also con­tains all the infor­ma­ti­on in Braille wri­ting that can be read by the blind. Tog­e­ther it results in a pret­ty uni­que com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on device cus­to­mi­zed to tar­get group needs: Visu­al design and Braille wri­ting.

All in all Zama­ni crea­tes, alrea­dy for the second time, an atmo­s­phe­re and a set­ting that is very dif­fe­rent from the usu­al events for han­di­cap­ped (that, sor­ry to say that, rather cau­se pit­ty), and that’s what is real­ly appe­aling for the han­di­cap­ped and non-han­di­cap­ped!

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