An excellent initiative for the handicapped

Today I’d like to write about an initiative that recently came to my attention and that I really love. It’s not about business, but about building a better society. Of course it also provides clever Brand UX through one of its main touchpoints.

Rock’n’Rolli (translated approximately to Rock’n’Wheelie) is a series of parties catering to people with and without handicap (blind, deaf, having mobility problems etc.). I am sure there are many of these nobel events out there, but this one does things quite differently. Distinguishing points are coolness, inclusion and catering to target group needs. And these things manifest themselves through their flyers.

Rock’n’Rolli takes place in one of the hippest clubs in Berlin, at Kater Holzig. It doesn’t take place on some weekday afternoon, like many similar events, but on Saturday night. Well, it starts early, (5pm), but the party continues past 11pm, the time when the club opens on regular nights. This is when the real mix of handicapped and non-handicapped takes place. According to Annina Zamani, the woman behind Rock’n’Rolli, the reactions of the regulars about the surprisingly different audience is extremely positive. The initiative brings handicapped and non handicapped together in a setting where music and dance are the central topic, in other words – the focus is on inclusive, rather than exclusive.

The event caters very carefully to the needs of the two different target groups. The regulars are attracted by the venue and the line up, whereas additional needs of the handicapped are addressed by providing help through assistants for the blind or sign language interpreters for the deaf. There is a “flirt station” for all participants, and those who want to experience life with a handicap, can try a wheelchair or special hearing protection to simulate deafness at the booth “handicap to go”.

The central communication element is a flyer. It displays a very cool, for the clubbing scene above-standard design (unlike usual events for handicapped) for the regular clubbers, but it also contains all the information in Braille writing that can be read by the blind. Together it results in a pretty unique communication device customized to target group needs: Visual design and Braille writing.

All in all Zamani creates, already for the second time, an atmosphere and a setting that is very different from the usual events for handicapped (that, sorry to say that, rather cause pitty), and that’s what is really appealing for the handicapped and non-handicapped!

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