Published: Cor­po­ra­te Ser­vice Design

Tog­e­ther with Mar­tin Jor­dan, whom I have worked with a coup­le of times on brin­ging bran­ding and ser­vice design tog­e­ther, I wro­te a book chap­ter on how to deli­ver on brand values through ser­vice inter­ac­tions cal­led “Cor­po­ra­te Ser­vice Design - from Image to expe­ri­ence”. First time that I real­ly got published. Not just online, but in a real book. And a rather nice one, I have to say.
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Kno­wing is power

All con­sump­ti­on-rela­ted actions are about making choices – choo­sing the sham­poo that best suits your desi­red hair style, using the pad ins­tead of the TV set to watch a movie, deci­ding to go to the com­pa­ny store for fur­ther infor­ma­ti­on rather than con­sult the web­site. Kno­wing how humans make the­se decisi­on and what fac­tors influ­ence them is extre­me­ly valu­able for mar­ke­ters. Con­ti­nue rea­ding

A smar­ter bill can help sup­pliers to bind custo­mers

The mon­th­ly bill is usual­ly the only thing you see from your elec­tri­ci­ty sup­plier after signing up. Power2Switch, a Chi­ca­go, USA, based com­pa­ny that helps people to com­pa­re elec­tri­ci­ty sup­pliers and tariffs on their web­site, has now made a step towards excel­lence in brand user expe­ri­ence on this important touch­point. The com­mis­si­on-by-con­tract based ser­vice rede­si­gned the elec­tri­ci­ty bill for more cla­ri­ty and use­ful­ness. Con­ti­nue rea­ding

UX bey­ond the screen

A few days ago I stumb­led across a very inte­res­ting arti­cle on Fast­com­pa­ny. It was about someo­ne com­p­lai­ning about the improper beha­vi­or of a co-worker. The aut­hor com­pa­res the beha­vi­or of this co-worker to the bad UI/UX design of a smart­pho­ne! I found this a very good examp­le for illus­tra­ting what UI or UX means in terms of the non-digi­tal encoun­ters with people, pro­duc­ts, ser­vices and the like. Using the the mis­be­ha­ving co-worker from the arti­cle, I’d like to high­light some princi­ples of good UX bey­ond the screen. Con­ti­nue rea­ding

What is Brand User Expe­ri­ence?

The past eight years I worked as a stra­te­gic plan­ner. In recent years I star­ted to feel that bran­ded com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on is loo­sing its rele­van­ce, even when it is high­ly pro­fes­sio­nal and long-term ori­en­ted on the brand level. I stron­gly belie­ve that the task of mar­ke­ting has to chan­ge and beco­me more sustainab­le in terms of trea­ting custo­mers. Con­ti­nue rea­ding