A smarter bill can help suppliers to bind customers

The monthly bill is usually the only thing you see from your electricity supplier after signing up. Power2Switch, a Chicago, USA, based company that helps people to compare electricity suppliers and tariffs on their website, has now made a step towards excellence in brand user experience on this important touchpoint. The commission-by-contract based service redesigned the electricity bill for more clarity and usefulness.

The aim was to empower consumers to make smart choices about their electricity usage and ultimately to save money. „With best-in-industry user experience design we enable consumers to make smart decisions about electricity supply in 5 mins.“ says Seyi Fabode, co-founder of Power2Switch. For comparison here is an example of a current electricity bill by Chicago electricity company ComEd, and the new Design. According to FastCompany, the new look is by freelance designer Kaila Dunn.


The new bill uses color to de-emphasize information that needs to be on the bill but does not have any value for users like metering information or read date. Color also highlights other aspects that matter, like the total amount due or this month’s energy usage. It also includes useful elements like an overview of energy usage for the past 13 months and a donut chart that explains what costs make up the total amount (e.g. electricity, distribution costs, tax).

According to FastCompany, Power2Switch took note of the many customers asking to explain their current bill. The new bill is supposed to be interactive on Power2Switch’s website from the end of summer 2012. Bills with excellent Brand UX would help many companies with rather sporadic customer-contact to improve their customer relations and increase loyalty.