A smar­ter bill can help sup­pliers to bind custo­mers

The mon­th­ly bill is usual­ly the only thing you see from your elec­tri­ci­ty sup­plier after signing up. Power2Switch, a Chi­ca­go, USA, based com­pa­ny that helps people to com­pa­re elec­tri­ci­ty sup­pliers and tariffs on their web­site, has now made a step towards excel­lence in brand user expe­ri­ence on this important touch­point. The com­mis­si­on-by-con­tract based ser­vice rede­si­gned the elec­tri­ci­ty bill for more cla­ri­ty and use­ful­ness.

The aim was to empower con­su­mers to make smart choices about their elec­tri­ci­ty usa­ge and ulti­mate­ly to save money. „With best-in-indus­try user expe­ri­ence design we enab­le con­su­mers to make smart decisi­ons about elec­tri­ci­ty sup­ply in 5 mins.“ says Seyi Fabo­de, co-foun­der of Power2Switch. For com­pa­ri­son here is an examp­le of a cur­rent elec­tri­ci­ty bill by Chi­ca­go elec­tri­ci­ty com­pa­ny ComEd, and the new Design. Accord­ing to Fast­Com­pa­ny, the new look is by free­lan­ce desi­gner Kai­la Dunn.


The new bill uses color to de-empha­si­ze infor­ma­ti­on that needs to be on the bill but does not have any value for users like mete­ring infor­ma­ti­on or read date. Color also high­lights other aspec­ts that mat­ter, like the total amount due or this month’s ener­gy usa­ge. It also inclu­des use­ful ele­ments like an over­view of ener­gy usa­ge for the past 13 mon­ths and a donut chart that exp­lains what costs make up the total amount (e.g. elec­tri­ci­ty, dis­tri­bu­ti­on costs, tax).

Accord­ing to Fast­Com­pa­ny, Power2Switch took note of the many custo­mers asking to exp­lain their cur­rent bill. The new bill is sup­po­sed to be inter­ac­tive on Power2Switch’s web­site from the end of sum­mer 2012. Bills with excel­lent Brand UX would help many com­pa­nies with rather spo­ra­dic custo­mer-con­tact to impro­ve their custo­mer rela­ti­ons and increa­se loyal­ty.