I’m a psychologist developing businesses and brands. I focus on exploring the relationship between organizations and their audience (customers, users), and creating concepts and strategies that satisfy diverse stakeholder demands.

Coming from brand management and marketing communication I concentrate now on Brand Experience: shaping situations and encounters that arise when people deal with a company, its products, services or employees. I believe it is becoming equally important how companies make people feel, not just what they say about themselves. For too long, brand communication and brand behavior have been designed separately.

I believe in creating value for both people and businesses as a basis for a respectful – and first and foremost sustainable – relationship. This is how contemporary marketing should be. To achieve this, I combine methodologies from psychology, branding and service design to fulfill marketing goals and user needs at the same time.

I live in Berlin, a place of great dynamics and personal freedom.

I run a consulting company called Rlevance Consulting.

Steps of my professional career can be found on LinkedIn.

Thoughts and papers can be found on SlideShare, news and stories are on Twitter.

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